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Travel/Quarantine Guidelines:

NH DHHS Travel and Quarantine Guidelines


Considerations for Transitioning Between School Instructional Models:

The NH Division of Public Health Services has published a document containing considerations for transitioning between school instructional models based on level of community COVID-19 transmission and impact on local schools. The purpose of this document is to provide considerations for when schools can consider transitioning between the
different instructional models in response to the changing community and school-based COVID-19 epidemiology. This
guidance suggests an instructional model based on the COVID-19 level of:

  1. Community transmission within the county in which the school resides (or within the cities of Manchester
    and Nashua for those school districts)
  2. Impact on individual school facilities

Here is a link to the full document: Considerations for Transitioning Between School Instructional Models


COVID-19 Schools Dashboard:

The State of NH has created a COVID-19 Schools Dashboard. This dashboard shows COVID-19 data for schools and their surrounding communities. Select a specific county using the map on the left. This selection will display county-level COVID-19 activity and cases in every school in the county. The set of dashboards is designed to provide an overview of the current and past state of COVID-19 in New Hampshire. COVID-19 Schools Dashboard.

COVID-19 Schools Dashboard