Elements of the Plan

Special Education Programming - Rye Elementary and Rye Jr. High

The district will continue to work with parents to ensure FAPE based upon whether the student is participating in building based or non-building based instruction. IEP teams will meet to consider the unique needs of the student and mutually agree on a plan for special education service delivery for students who are not accessing building based learning.


  • The district will work with parents to amend IEP to reflect the changes in the school schedule
  • IEP teams will convene prior to the start of building based learning to develop return plans for complex learners
  • Parents will continue to be offered remote access to IEP team meetings. Parents attending IEP team meetings in person will be required to wear masks. The district will make every effort to socially distance during meetings and will wipe down the room before/after the IEP team meeting
  • Planning around masks (full clear preferable) will be based upon student needs

Health and Safety:

  • Special Educators and related service providers will wipe down the room between students.
  • Students will maintain 3 feet physical distancing during small group instruction
  • Students will have their own labeled, closed container of manipulatives used by special education teachers or service providers.
  • Special Educators/Service Providers will wear masks during direct instruction with students.
  • Service providers who move between buildings will wash hands prior to entry to the building, change face mask, and any clothing that may have been compromised during student services in the previous building.
  • The guidance from NHDOE regarding Summer Services will be utilized for staff regarding student materials, PPE and etc. This applies to 1:1 paras, OT, PT, Speech and staff with mixed cohorts
  • Contracted service providers will be held to the same requirements around health and safety as district staff


  • Instruction will continue to incorporate web based platforms that provide Specialized instruction as appropriate for student needs
  • On Fridays, students receiving Special Education will access web based instruction for fidelity of programming
  • Paraprofessionals will be scheduled to reduce contact with multiple cohorts.