Elements of the Plan

Instruction - Rye Jr. High

Building Based Classroom Structure & Protocols

Students in each grade will be divided into the following number of classrooms allowing for 10-15 students in a classroom

  • 5th grade – 4 classrooms; 42 students (3 rooms + Discovery Room)
  • 6th grade – 4 classrooms; 39 students (3 rooms + Maria Gamvas’s room)
  • 7th grade – 3 classrooms; 36 (+MHT?)
  • 8th grade – 3 classrooms; 36 students

We have broken into 2 phases. Phase 1 has more restrictions and keeps student and staff exposure to one another low. Each pod of 10-12 students will only interact with the one teacher in the room and one additional staff member who will be providing breaks, throughout the day. We will evaluate the situation on Oct.2. If we feel comfortable moving to phase 2 at that point, we will.

Phase 1:


  • Students and teachers remain in the same classroom for the day.
  • Teachers will instruct all students live on screen from their classroom.
  • Advisory teachers will be facilitators of learning in the pods.
  • Only one pod at a time for recess
  • Language classes will all be done “remotely” from the pods.
  • Lunch will be ordered in the morning and delivered to classrooms.

Phase 2:


  • Pods of students will stay in the classroom for the day, teachers will rotate to the classrooms for instruction.
  • Recess can happen with multiple pods in one grade level.
  • Students will pick up lunch from the cafe and go back to their classrooms to eat.
  • One classroom pod will be designated a remote classroom.
  • Students will have assigned seating in all classrooms so they are consistently sitting next to the same person. Switching of seating can periodically occur, but will be minimized. Teachers will take attendance for each class every day. In the event of a public health investigation into a person with confirmed COVID-19 assigned seating and attendance records will aide in identification of students in close contact and potentially lessen the number of students needing to undergo quarantine.
  • Classroom activities will be conducted to minimize close contact and avoid groups whenever possible. Any small group activities will be conducted so that students are spaced at least three feet apart while wearing a mask.
  • RJH will arrange for developmentally appropriate activities for smaller group activities, rearrange furniture, and play spaces to maintain physical distancing, when possible.
  • When possible, use of shared materials will be avoided. If shared teaching material is necessary, then there will be a focus on hand hygiene before and after each educational session and use.
  • All subjects will use the Modern Classroom framework.
    • Model for personalized learning that can work in school and out of school
  • Units of study will be created using Mastery Maps.

Unified Arts:


  • Unified Arts teachers will cover the extra classroom in each grade for all homeroom activities.
  • Unified Arts teachers will be taught to each grade level for one quarter.

1st quarter assignments are as follows:

    • 5th grade – Library
    • 6th grade – Physical Education
    • 7th grade – Art/Lifeskills
    •  8th grade -STEAM
  • Unified arts instructors will integrate with the core subjects.
  • Students will primarily use the online library catalog to check out a book as well as a library cart delivered to a classroom for check outs.
  • Librarians will use a UV light wand to disinfect books.

Intervention/WIN Block “What I Need”


  • We will have an intervention block daily (WIN), 8:30 -9:10
  • Students will receive interventions or extensions
  • Interest based projects for high achievers Reaching all the learners
  • Support for the underachievers
  • Reallocate resources

Non-Building Based Instruction

Parental Choices for Learning


Students who will not be on campus due to parental choice may choose from the following three options:


Option 1: Full Time Remote Learning


  • All remote students in each grade will be grouped into its own pod.
  • One teacher in each grade level will be assigned as homeroom teacher for the remote pod.
  • All grade level teachers will instruct that pod remotely as part of their daily rotation. For example:
    • Pod 1: in school
    • Pod 2: in school
    • Pod 3: in school
    • Pod 4: remote – teacher uses free classroom to Google Meet during this block
  • Remote students will have the same teachers and curriculum as building-based students.
  • Remote students will be included in the following:
    • Assemblies
    • Field trips, guest speakers
    • Projects and special events
    • Other situations as appropriate and feasible
  • Any student(s) who must be quarantined will join the remote pod during the quarantine only.
  • An evaluation of the situation will be conducted each quarter.


Option 2: Virtual Learning Academy Charter School


VLACS: NH’s online school for grades K12; free to NH residents.


Option 3: Home Education– Home Education Information


  • Home Education (Home-schooling).
  • Students whose parents will have the sole responsibility to educate.
  • The parent has completed the Home Education letter and sent it to the Assistant Superintendent.
  • Home Education  letter template.