Elements of the Plan

Fall Benchmark Assessments

Fall Administration-September

Rye Elementary

Rye Jr. High

In grades 1 & 2 running records will be administered to each student.

K-Pals will be used in kindergarten as the preferred assessment while in the building.

iReady Diagnostic in Reading and Math will be administered to provide a source of information about students’ current level of achievement.

Writing prompt for opinion writing will be given K-4.

STAR for ELA and Math for grades 5-8.

Writing prompt for argumentative writing given in grades 5-8.

Science – CER (claim, evidence, reasoning) administered grades 5-8.

On-Going Benchmarks

Rye Elementary

Rye Jr. High

Benchmark assessments in iReady reading and math in Sept, Jan, May.

Growth & Progress Monitoring throughout.