Elements of the Plan

Daily Operations for Return to Building

Parents, Delivery, Visitors

Rye Elementary

Rye Jr. High

Only essential people will be allowed to enter the building.  That would include postal, delivery, contract workers

Essential visitors are required to wear a mask.

Parents and guardians will not be allowed in the building.

There will be a drop-off table inside the front lobby of each school should something need to be dropped off to a student.

A log of visitors who enter the building will be kept showing name, phone, date and time.

Monitoring Health

Rye Elementary

Rye Jr. High

Parents must complete a health checklist each morning and submit it to the school certifying that their child is symptom free before being sent to school.

Students/Staff will hand sanitize as they enter school. Hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent ethanol or at least 70 percent isopropanol content can be used.

Students/Staff will be screened by temperature upon entry to classroom.

Any temperature higher than 100.4 is considered a fever and the child/staff member will be sent home. If the parent has left, they will be sent to the isolation  room until the parent comes back to pick them up.

Staff will be required to wear a mask throughout the day.

Staff will wash or sanitize hands when entering classrooms.

Students will be required to wear masks or face coverings except for certain situations including when doing so leads to trouble breathing, a student is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance. Students in which having cloth, ties, elastics etc. around their mouths and necks which can pose choking or strangulation hazards, or may interfere with the functioning of certain medical equipment or assistive technology.

Students/staff will sanitize hands upon entry to school after recess

Families who want to supply their own hand sanitizer due to health concerns must get it approved prior to their student using it in school.  (Hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent ethanol or at least 70 percent isopropanol.)


Rye Elementary

Rye Jr. High

Daily wiping down of high touch areas every 2 hours (door handles, bathrooms).

Water fountains will only be water bottle stations. Disable fountain portion

Sensory Pathway on playgrounds to display line up spots

Students in grades K-2 will use their classroom bathroom at all times. Students in grades 3 & 4 will be assigned a bathroom and each classroom will use an assigned stall. (labeled on door)

When students need to move between classes, staff/teachers will monitor the hallways to encourage students to maintain physical distancing. (one way patterns may be established in some hallways)

Lockers will not be used at the beginning of the year. Students will be given their own storage areas within each advisory classroom.

Students will utilize bins instead of coat racks for personal items


Rye Elementary

Rye Jr. High

Students will eat lunch in classroom while maintaining physical distancing.

Depending on weather, classes will be encouraged to eat outside using their yoga mats.

Students will wash hands before and after lunch


Rye Elementary

Rye Jr. High

No contact sports allowed (football, gaga, basketball) kickball & softball permitted during recess.

No early morning recess off bus. Students will go directly to their classroom.

One grade per time will be allowed on the various playgrounds.

Students will use sensory spots to line up when entering the buildings.


Rye Elementary

Rye Jr. High

Congregation/waiting outside of the school in the morning or afternoon should be avoided. Any waiting students should have clear instructions and spaces marked for appropriate physical distancing.

Parents will drop off students in the morning no earlier than 8:00 for a school start time of 8:15.

Bus dismissal times will be flipped with RJH so as to accommodate the expected increase of parent pick ups

Bus dismissal times will be flipped with RES to meet the needs of dismissing students at the elementary school.

Grades 3 & 4 (and siblings) will drop off at lobby entrance and K-2 will drop off outside the primary and kindergarten wing.

Each grade will have their own entrance/exit to the building. Grades upstairs (6,7,8) will each be assigned a staircase and only be allowed to travel in and out of the building using that staircase and
their designated door.
○ Grade 5: doors by the gym
○ Grade 6: side entrance in parking lot, nearest to the road
○ Grade 7: front entrance
○ Grade 8: sided entrance in parking lot, furthest from the road

Students will report to the gym for bus dismissal to allow for physical distancing during this process.

Parent/guardian car pick up will pick up out the end of the building by the playground (primary wing).


Rye Elementary

Rye Jr. High

Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to seek private individual or small group (e.g., carpool) transportation to/from school to minimize potential close contact exposures.

Students and parents/guardians need to maintain at least six feet of physical distancing at bus stops and while loading and unloading the bus.

Students will wear a mask when on the bus.

Students will have assigned seats whenever on the bus and seats will be spaced out to maintain physical distancing (siblings may sit together).

Expected behavior will be maintained for students while on the bus (no walking in aisles, or hopping from seat to seat).

Buses will be cleaned with disinfectant between runs

Windows will be open weather permitting

All bus drivers should wear a cloth face covering over their nose and mouth at all times while stopped and students are present on the bus, or while students are boarding/exiting the bus. Bus drivers should also wear a cloth face covering while driving, if safe to do so. If the cloth face covering causes obstruction of the driver’s view, or unsafe driving conditions, it can be removed, but in those circumstances, students should be at least six feet away from the bus-driver, or Department of Safety approved plastic barriers should be installed between seating areas and the bus driver.