Community Expectations

Daily Health Checks

Parents and guardians will be responsible for assessing their child’s health prior to arriving at school. Whether
riding the bus or being driven to school, parents agree to check for symptoms. Parents/Guardians will log into
their child’s PowerSchool account each morning and fill out the Student Assessment form prior to sending their
child(ren) to school. If a parent/guardian is having difficulty logging in to their child’s PowerSchool account
they are required to fill out the Health Assessment form link here: Health Assessment Form.  If a parent/guardian is having trouble with PowerSchool please email and reference your log in issues.

Community Social Contract

The Social Contract Form outlines our shared commitment to keeping Rye schools open and safe. Parents and
students of the Rye School District are required to fill out and sign this form prior to the start of school. The
form may be accessed through your child’s PowerSchool account. Parents may also print out the attached
Social Contract and pass it in to the front office and scan/email /send in to the school.